Fingers and toes!

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Classic Manicure  $20

This Classic Manicure takes your care to the next level. Soothe your ragged hangnails and cuticles, with a moisturizing massage to follow, and then… polish! Approximately 30 minutes. 30 min

Gel  Manicure    $30

Cured with‏ an LED lamp, gel polish is 100% dry when you walk out the door and can last up to 3 weeks without chipping or peeling.  You can put your shoes back on, root around in your purse or whatever you like, without fear of a single ding or dent. Approximately 1 hour

Pedicure   $35

A Munjoyous Pedicure includes a hot soak, cuticle clean up, exfoliation, massage and polish change. 60 min.

Manicure Pedicure Combo  $50

Do it all in this luxurious treatment. Plan for 90 min. and total relaxation.

Paraffin Treatment   $25

A Paraffin Treatment is a deep conditioner for your skin.  Moisturizer is gently massaged into your hands or feet, which are then dipped into therapeutic paraffin. Great for cold, dry winter hands or arthritis. Hand bliss!   20 min.

Manicure/Chair Massage Combo $90

Want to bring a friend along for conversation and fun during your manicure? Marcia and John team up to offer this service. While you get your manicure, your friend gets a chair massage...then switch. Price includes two manicures and two chair massages. Plan for approximately 60 min.

Our wax is skin friendly!

Please call or email for your wax appointment.


Brow Shaping    $15

This service shapes and perks up your brows.

Lip or Chin Wax   $12

Quick and mostly painless

Bikini Wax   $35

Private, friendly service with precise attention to detail

Underarms     $25

Nearly painless and lasts longer than shaving.

Brow Touch-Up   $12

This service cleans up around the brow area

Brazilian Wax   $80

Private, friendly service with precise attention to detail.

Half Leg     $35

The knee and below.

Full Leg     $70

Removal of hair from upper and lower leg.

Nostrils and Ears    $15

Clean up of hair on ears and nostrils.

Men's Chest Wax    $65

Removal of hair on the chest and stomach.

Back Wax    $65

Removal of hair on the back and shoulders.

Custom Wax   (price varies)

This is a session for examining your overall wax concerns. We will discuss and agree on a price together.