Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have good days and why do we have bad days?

My experience has shown that when our subtle energy is cleared and aligned, life just flows easily. We’re able to handle the daily challenges of life, whether they are large or small, with ease and grace. When our energy is blocked, everyone and everything annoys us.

So how do we get clear energy, so all days flow beautifully?

We all can learn to perceive and clear our energetic systems through participating in the RYSE training. RYSE is an acronym for Realizing Your Sublime Energies. This series of 4 four hour classes, will teach you about your chakras, aura and other parts of your energetic anatomy. Each class also includes a deep energetic clearing, plus training in how to perceive, clear and manage your energy. These quick, simple techniques, take just minutes a day.

What do participants say?

Participants report being able to let go of old emotional patterns that do not serve them. Chronic, unhealthy emotional patterns with loved ones have been transformed! Many talk about greater energy, clarity and self acceptance. Many find their life transformed in a new positive direction. One student, months after the program, said that the first day of RYSE was the best day of her life!

Who is the instructor?

Classes will be taught by John Pitcher, a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and RYSE Practitioner Trainer. John was trained by Nancy Risley, the developer of RYSE and founder of the Polarity Realization Institute (now named Spatech). John has been a RYSE, polarity and massage instructor at Spatech in Westbrook, Maine since 1999. He has trained about 1000 students in this powerful technique.

When are the classes? How much?

Munjoyous can offer these classes on Sundays from 1:00-5:00 starting in September. Specific dates will be determined based on the needs of the class members.

  • The cost for 4 classes is only $500, which includes the book, RYSE, Tools for Life.

RYSE can also be taken individually as 5 two hour sessions for $600. This price also includes a copy of the book, RYSE, Tools for Life.

Can anyone learn these techniques?

You don’t have to believe anything to master this work. Just be open. RYSE connects with your inner knowing. We’ve all had the experience of feeling someone is watching us and turning around to meet someone's gaze. Or thinking about an old friend or family member and they unexpectedly call.

You will learn how to perceive your energetic systems, how to clear them and how to put them in the ideal place for whatever you are doing. Even if you’ve never heard or believed in chakras and auras, you can do this work and receive the huge benefits. Of all the  students John has taught, only one was unable to get it. And that’s not you!