A Season for Facials

August 20, 2016 marciapitcher61


My clients frequently ask me how often they should get a facial. My answer always varies based on their individual skincare needs, but generally, it is certainly okay to get a facial once a month. If you are doing a series, like micro current or LED light, you can come even more frequently.

I also realize many of my clients don’t have the financial luxury for such frequent facials. For that situation, I suggest a facial at the end of each season.

At the end of autumn, facials are awesome to add vitality and glow for the holidays. At the end of winter, it’s great to get a facial to renew skin that has been battered by cold and dryness. After spring, it’s great to prep skin for summer with a facial before the sun gets so high and hot.

But the absolute best time to get a facial is in the fall. A deep cleanse will strip away all that build up of sunscreen and sweat and a peel will stimulate cell renewal for increased collagen and elastin..

A Munjoyous facial always includes peel, a mask and three massages. Call today 207-956-7780 or email us at [email protected]