A Solution to Dry Winter Skin

January 4, 2018 marciapitcher61

Winter weather. Drying Heat. Dehydration. This time of year brings flakes in more ways than just snowflakes.

Is your skin itchy and dry? Are you feeling like you would give anything to just have someone scratch your back?

Whole body exfoliation using dry brushes or Indian Garshana gloves is a great way to exfoliate, warm up your body and invigorate your skin. The benefits of these techniques include:

Increased circulation: Increasing circulation is a great way to bring needed blood and warmth to those cold extremities like the hands and the feet.

Stimulation of the lymphatic system: Stimulating lymph helps to detoxify the body and prevent sickness by strengthening the immune system. Dry brushing or garshana gloves increase the static electricity which alkalizes the blood and detoxifies the body

Exfoliation of dry, dead skin cells: Removing that layer of dead skin will help to reduce itchiness and also improve penetration of massage oils and other products used on the skin.

Sensory invigoration: Senses become awakened by the stimulating strokes that characterize this treatment.

Your winter Munjoyous ritual can include this delicious add on feature. It can be added to any massage or the Ayurvedic Facial for $30, but this January we are offering this twenty minute exfoliation add-on for half price $15.

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