Customized Energy Session

January 4, 2018 marciapitcher61

Being a polarity therapist has added a richness to my practice at Munjoyous…Your Neighborhood Oasis. But I wanted more, so I have spent recent months building my body of knowledge by learning new energy techniques.

A year ago I was attuned for Reiki and I spent last winter learning the Heart Lotus Evolution energy techniques. I’ve really enjoyed mixing together all of my energy skills to create sessions that fully support my clients. If a client needs balance I reach for my polarity pathways. If a client is searching or seeking, I like to don my channeling hat. It’s always healing touch and Reiki is my favorite way to activate healing touch.

I have also started integrating essential oils into my healing sessions. Using specific essential oils that align with your chakras, incorporating appropriate essential oils that focus your session to help support you wherever you are in your journey.

All energy sessions are uniquely designed to support you in your amazing journey! Come check one out at or BOOK NOW

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