What is RYSE?

RYSE, Realizing Your Sublime Energies, is a series of classes designed for learning about your chakras, aura and other energetic patterns. RYSE participants report feeling greater clarity, vitality and joy. Old emotional patterns are released.


In each class there is a deep energetic clearing for about an hour. These clearings will support you for greater success in maintaining your energetic systems. In the course, you learn how to perceive your energetic system, clear it and put it in the ideal place for whatever you are doing. Many students find these classes and techniques profoundly life changing!


RYSE can be taken in a group class of 4 four hour classes or, individually as 5 two hour sessions. Some people enjoy getting a group of their friends to experience RYSE together.


Munjoyous will offer a RYSE course this fall on Sundays 1-5 PM starting in the end of September and ending before Thanksgiving. Dates will be determined by participants availability.

Call or text John @207 793-3664 or email [email protected] for more information.