The Love Love Towel

June 9, 2016 marciapitcher61

When I ask clients about their skincare routine, I frequently get a sinking response. “Oh, I just use the soap I use on my body.” or “I never wash my face at night.” So often, I can see in their responses that they’re not really satisfied with their routine.

When I was first asked that question by my skin school teacher, my answer was pretty much the same, but her concerned reaction helped me to realize that I needed to start taking better care of my face.

I get it! I totally understand the reluctance to splash water on my face and all over my pajamas right before bed. Just keep it simple, right? The end of the day isn’t always the easiest time to practice impeccable skincare.

I’ve got a great little routine. It takes less than five minutes and it actually feels good. First, I squeeze just a dab of Munjoyous Foaming Aloe and Soapberry Face Wash onto my fingertips. Add a dash of water and foam it all up on just my fingertips. I wash and while the delightful scents of rose, lavender, ylang-ylang and chamomile suffuse my face, I rub it all over in little massaging circles. While I’m doing the massaging, I’m heating up the hot water. I have a bunch of little face sized wash cloths. I get one wet and m-m-m-m-m (We call this the love-love towel). Then a spritz of Munjoyous Rose toner and a little Munjoyous Hydra Boost Face Cream with healing calendula and I’m ready for bed….free of guilt!

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