The Beauty Gauntlet

September 27, 2016 marciapitcher61


One of my pet peeves about visiting a spa is what I call the “beauty gauntlet”. I know we’re supposed to go there to relax and feel good, but I have built up a resistance to the process of getting there and leaving. Some folks look great after a massage or facial. They have that perfect hair that looks a little sexy when it’s mussed up. But I have the kind of hair that turns to a Brillo pad after an hour or so on the table. And after that awesome head massage…bam…the only glam star I resemble is Side Show Bob from “The Simpsons”.

I dislike that right around the foot massage (my favorite part) I’m distracted by the fact that I’m still trying to plot out my escape route past the product display and the waiting room filled with perfectly “un-mussed” clients.

Going to a spa should be a fully relaxing experience. I don’t want to run through the spa “beauty gauntlet”. I want to enter privately and leave even more privately. I want the experience to be between me and my trusted therapist and perhaps a supportive friend. This was what I envisioned when we were starting “Munjoyous…Your Neighborhood Oasis”. Folks can show up just as they are and have a comfortable experience with just the plain old Pitchers.