Gifts from the East

March 2, 2017 marciapitcher61


Marcia takes a selfie with our essential oil salesmen.

Returning from the warm waters of the Arabian Sea to the icy sidewalks of Munjoy Hill have been challenging for us, but we are also excited to return with some great new skills.

While we were in Kerala India we received several Ayurvedic Treatments, including Abhyanga Massage, an amazing Scalp Treatment and the powerful Shirodara Treatment. Over the next couple months we plan to practice, enhance and integrate these wonderful treatments into our practice.

Marcia also amped up her reflexology skills with a mini course at Amritapuri. She learned a few tricks that you will be able to take home with you after your own reflexology session.

We picked up a few new tools as well: wonderful oils like Sandalwood, Jasmine, Saffron and a few others. We got some garshana gloves, which offer a stimulating exfoliation before the Abhyanga massage. Some new crystals and minerals have also been added to our healing space.

But…. the big surprise will be in our backyard patio this summer. Let’s just say that he puts “Baby G” in his place!