Polarity Facial

March 13, 2016 marciapitcher61

Recently a client said, “I can’t decide whether I want a facial or a polarity session”. So, we made lemonade and thus the polarity facial was born at Munjoyous…Your Neighborhood Oasis.

Polarity therapy is a subtle type of energy work done fully clothed. It involves some light massage and lots of powerful energy clearing. By touching different parts of your body with energetic intention, the therapist clears and aligns your subtle energy pathways. Some of the work is done off the body, using crystals and sound. Clients frequently report that they feel greater ease, that life just seems to flow more smoothly, that negative patterns in their life seem to have less pull.
For a longer description of polarity, check out this link.

My Polarity Facial has all the benefits of a facial which includes a deep cleanse, a peel, a face massage with a therapeutic serum and a customized mask. Before the first hot towel, I perform a series of opening polarity moves that include some light neck and scalp massage. After the cleanse, while you are under the steam with your peel, I will test and align your energy pathways starting on your feet and working up to your head. The face massage will include particular attention to acupressure points that help to stimulate skin rejuvenation and radiance. Finally, while you relax with your customized mask, I will do a full energetic clearing with crystals. After your mask I will do some very subtle cranial polarity moves that will leave you deeply relaxed.

I’m really excited to integrate polarity and a facial. So often my clients are intrigued with polarity and would like to try it, but don’t want to give up the benefits of a facial. I also believe that polarity is a wonderful way to find your true radiant beauty from within. It’s like a “very” deep cleanse. Come try the Polarity Facial at Munjoyous.. Your Neighborhood Oasis. I’d love your feedback.