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Ayurvedic Face, Scalp and Foot Treatment         $100

The Ayurvedic face, scalp and foot treatment is an experience reflexing to the entire body that uses the ancient wisdom of Indian healing to help transform the body and mind. After this treatment, clients feel relaxed, not only on a physical level, but on a mental level.

Approx 50 min


Vitamin C Facial    $100

Heal your skin with this Vitamin C based facial. We use an AHA based peel activated with Vitamin C oils. A Vitamin C serum is massaged into the skin and a delightful, refreshing, lemon-chiffon mask adds moisture and emollients. Vitamin C is brightening and rich in antioxidants that contribute to healing skin damage from sun exposure and aging.
50 min.

Rejuvenating Facial   $120

So good for you on so many levels. This luxurious facial includes all the elegance of a Munjoyous Facial with the added rejuvenation of micro current. Micro current instantly tightens skin while triggering cell rejuvenation literally making your skin younger. You'll feel like you just took your face to the gym! 60 min

OR Switch the micro current treatment for a 25 min. LED light treatment.

Polarity Facial   $95

This unique spin on a facial integrates basic polarity moves with all the basics of the facial. You will experience a deep cleanse, a peel and a mask, but you will also receive an energy clearing with crystals and alignment of your energetic pathways. A great way to try out Polarity and still get all the benefits of a facial. 60 min

Detoxifying Lymphatic Facial   $110

Tired of puffy? This transformative facial includes a deep cleanse with a facial steam using detoxifying essential oils, a gentle enzyme peel, lymphatic neck and shoulder massage with our lymphatic detoxifying seaweed gel, followed by an acupressure point facial massage. We end with a customized mask accompanied by a soothing foot massage. Approx 60 min

Munjoyous Wraps   $100

These customized wraps offer deeply warming and relaxing body treatments that hydrate your whole body. Includes exfoliating scrub, customized mask based on your individual preferences and a warming wrap with insulated and heated blankets. 50 min.

Customized  Facial   $90

A combination of elegance, relaxation and more. This customized facial includes a deep cleanse, skin analysis, an exfoliation to remove dull skin cells and a rejuvenating mask.  All is customized to your individual skincare needs. Relax and enjoy three massages all included in one facial.   approx 50 min