The Ancient Wisdom of India

September 15, 2016 marciapitcher61



The Ayurvedic Face, Scalp and Foot treatment is an experience reflexing to the entire body. It uses the ancient wisdom of Indian healing to help transform the body and mind. After this treatment, clients feel relaxed, not only on a physical level, but on a mental level.

At Munjoyous….Your Neighborhood Oasis, we use a series of oils carefully formulated based on ancient Indian wisdom. Our products come from Organic India and Amritapuri Ashram located in Kerala, India.

The treatment begins with a vigorous scalp massage that activates energetic centers on the head, beginning the process of deep relaxation. It also leaves your hair vibrant.

Another warmed oil is massaged up and down the spine and around the sacrum, activating the nervous system (Vata energy). This stroke enhances self-awareness.

Then, an oil formulated with carefully processed herbal extracts known in India for their life giving properties to facial skin and tissue is massaged into the face in a series of very specific strokes that support respiration, mental ease, and lymph movement.

Following the massage, a face wash mask is applied. This mask is made from mineral rich purified clays and other native Indian ingredients. It gently exfoliates, while relaxing facial muscles. Naturally antiseptic herbs work deeply into the skin pores and epidermal layers to remove dirt, toxins and make-up.

While the mask does its magic, you receive another stimulating scalp massage, along with a shoulder, neck and hand massage, designed to deepen your inner peace.

Another carefully formulated mask is applied that is specifically oriented to your individual skin needs. While that mask nourishes and heals, you receive a foot massage using Ayurvedic techniques and carefully formulated traditional Indian oil. The purpose of the foot massage is to stimulate nerve and energy centers on the feet. The massage is invigorating and stimulating.

Once the final mask is removed, the face is massaged again with particular attention to massaging specific energy points on the face known as marma points. These points are believed to be “the subtle junctions between consciousness and matter”, thus helping to bring you to a level of deeper, more profound consciousness.

A sweet and satisfying mist of rose essential oil completes this amazing treatment that you can receive now at Munjoyous…Your Neighborhood Oasis. Call now for an appointment or email us at [email protected]