Wonderful Product

May 19, 2015 marciapitcher61

Oh products! When I started practicing aesthetics, I was bombarded with products.  The first aesthetics show I went to was saturated with hundreds of different products, all promising to perform miracles. I was seduced a few times by expensive products, but I remembered what one of my favorite teachers told me. She said that half of the expense for some of the popular products we see is spent on all the promotional rigging that gets it out there and sells it. I asked her about a particular popular product I had seen at the malls.  She said, “You know, what you’re really paying for is all those displays you see!” This got me thinking about packaging.
Then I started selling products and I saw my clients sink a little when they learned the price of a product I recommended to them. I get it. It’s hard when you’ve finally made the decision to take care of your skin and you’re ready to invest in your face, but the cost is so prohibitive that it is discouraging. Going home with an ounce of moisturizer that cost you $75 is a tough way to start your new relationship with your face.

I’ve also had some insights about products too. I knew that artificial scents and additives are a no-no and I’m growing to understand words like peptide, stem cell, botanical and antioxidant. Although, I still call my sister the chemist to explain them to me.
When we started “Munjoyous…Your Neighborhood Oasis” in our little Portland neighborhood in Maine, I wanted to find a product that wasn’t crazy expensive, but had quality ingredients and good science behind it.
So I’m really excited about our new product. Prima Fleur is the name of the company that makes it and they have a wonderful philosophy and history. They have been around for 20 years and they are sincerely concerned about the environment. All of their products are naturally scented with essential oils and hydrosols. I love the Calendula Hydro Boost moisturizer that we now carry and the ever so gentle exfoliating Combava Scrub is delightful. I can keep the price down by packaging it myself too. So you aren’t paying for the package, just the product.
Check out their great website (http://www.primafleur.com/about.php) and see if their philosophy resonates with yours. It did with mine…and the prices did too.